Innovation and Design Centered Strategies

Facilitating agile planning, training and rapid prototyping approaches to compliment traditional planning approaches, we will assist your team create student-centered innovation strategies to generate actionable insights about unmet needs and potential untapped opportunities, generating unexpected ideas for changes, enhancing organizational synergies along with team learning to build the foundation for new or enhanced services, programs, systems and more.

Strategic Enrollment Planning and Analytics

Utilizing deep learning algorithms, statistical methods and integrated analytics expertise, we will assist you in developing your CRM analytics and market segmentation work, search fulfillment analysis and ROI, financial aid leveraging, price sensitivity and elasticity analyses.  We have deep expertize in developing integrated and long-term retention and revenue planning frames leveraging new student, continuing student (“retention” by cohort), non-traditional data.  We create models that are integrated and account connect the revenue, residential, instructional space, staffing and auxiliary projections for comprehensive planing purposes.

Academic and Student Success Assessment

Leveraging our deep expertise in assessment and learning, we can help you create rigorous actionable research and evaluations to inform your student learning, student success and advising activities.  This includes significant experience in developing programs and assessment strategies related to resiliency, motivation, cognitive and non-cognitive approaches to learning, curriculum sequencing and propensity scoring for various progression outcomes (GPA, term to term retention, graduation, etc).  We have assisted others and can help you understand the predictive efficacy of pre-college characteristics and pre-/post-intervention impacts of your curriculum or services on student learning and progression, competency attainment and other critical post-graduate outcomes (STEM, Business, Law/ABA and Healthcare fields).

Academic Program Planning

What is the relationship between academic planning, instruction and enrollment?  We believe this question gets at the heart of integrated analytics work and ironically is the disconnect on many campuses.  We are prepared to help you develop, clarify intake strategies or project unmet or capacity limits related to academic services, instructional staffing and courses so you can get a handle on what is likely to occur downstream or pre-empt potential issues.

Integrated Budget Planning and Forecasting

How do we project financial aid budgets and understand the interplay of all of our fund types, the cost of educating our students at the direct and indirect levels of our university including both the instructional enterprise and auxiliary service streams?  Specifically, we aim to intentionally design frameworks for assessing and integrating these often disparate elements so the institution can effectively plan for the future, not be surprised and have the funds it needs to build reserves and strategically invest in those innovation strategies that will truly move your institution forward.

Strategic Space Planning & Sustainability

Are you interested in comparing your strategic space planning and sustainability initiatives to other institutions’, developing a climate action plan, identifying key areas for improvement or establishing an engagement process to solicit input and help get stakeholders excited and organized for action? We can help you move the discussion beyond environmental sustainability into operations, auxiliary services, shared or innovating your services to implement sustainability pilots, projects, and programs.